Email Marketing is a Good way to promote your products and business brand. Email marketing builds your website traffic, boost your customer and also your business brand values. More than email marketing portal have but best for MailChimp, GetResponse and SendinBlue. If you need to start email marketing so you can follow this important step.

Optimize Your Email Template Design:

  • Keep your email template width under 600 pixels
  • Optimize for Mobile and Desktop
  • Use user friendly and use tables code ( Tr & Td )
  • Keep your email template Use inline CSS
  • Avoid using invisible text, Flash, video
  • Use Good font, color, size
  • Avoid external or internal CSS classes / IDs
  • Avoid Javascript or other scripts
  • Keep use simple text-style or bullet points
  • Avoid using background images
  • 90% Optimize your Images
  • Avoid using image maps and png Images
  • Use 100% Images image paths
  • 100% image paths HTML: <img src=”http://www.yoursite.com/image/rimage.jpg”>
  • Incorrect image paths HTML: <img src=”/image/image.jpg”>



Avoid Some Words to in Your Email Content:

There are about 200 is spam words but avoid this some words in your email marketing content or title. If you use this words in your email content then your email send on spam box.

  • Free, 50% Off, Save up to
  • Visit our website
  • Opportunity
  • Click here
  • Call now or Subscribe
  • Bonus / Discount
  • Winnter / Prizes
  • Information you requested
  • Important information regarding
  • Guarantee, Guaranteed
  • Special Promotion
  • Great Offer/Deal / Order Now
  • All New
  • One Time

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